We GUARANTEE all of the Canada Web Hosting providers listed in our top 10 lists have a proven track record of success, reliability, security and popularity. It makes it pretty easy to Guarantee these Internet hosting services. After all, they're the best Canada Web Hosting companies on the web!

Canadian web hosting

Finding the right Canadian web hosting company can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The choices are seemingly unlimited and the offers range from free to dirt cheap. Is that all required for being a successful Canadian web hosting company, - being cheap? As small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, ecommerce professionals, you must demand the highest quality service and features from Canada web hosting providers.

Features to look for in your web hosting package include: ASP.net or Php, MySQL, unlimited emails, 24 hour support, highly functional control panels, FTP, Templates and predesigned scripts. The options for bandwidth and diskspace should be sufficient to run your web site for the next 2 years. It's always better to plan ahead, instead of struggling to adapt as you go. Although, Canada cheap web page hosting companies may promise you, unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, these are red flags to watch out for. It's simply not feasible, nor realistic to offer such a plan. There is always a catch!

Canadian web hosting companies can understand the specific demands of a Canadian business owner. Businesses around the world all require something a little different to meet the demands of their customers. Just like Sharphosts.com understands your needs, we can establish a Canadian web hosting plan that surpasses your expectations. Sharphosts.com provides a top 10 list of the most reliable, affordable and secure Canada domain hosting solutions. Our Canadian web hosting solutions are the best you will find for your business or personal site.

Web Hosting Canada - Sharphosts is your solution! With articles, expert reviews, objective ratings and easy search tools, you can compare your options at a glance. We offer free demo links that allow you take a hands on approach when deciding on the right Canadian web hosting company for you. We even suggest you make an inquiry with a specific host that you are considering and await their reply for yourself. How long did it take to get your answers? Were the answers relevant? If they can answer your questions today, you can rest assured, they will answer your questions as a subscriber to their service. If you have a question regarding Sharphosts and our Top 10 list, our professional and courteous customer support representatives are available via phone or email to make sure your question is answered. Sharphosts.com- Hosting Canada in the new millennium.

Featured Web Hosting Services

$6.95 per month - #1 Business Host
Free Setup Plus Domain 99.9% Up Time Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth
$3.95 per month - Top Budget Host
Anytime Moneyback Guarantee Domain For Life Unlimited Hosting Space
$3.95 per month - Expert Plan
Unlimited Diskspace Microsoft Windows Hosting Plans for all experience levels
$5.95 per month - Ready Site
Free Domain Name with Hosting Host Unlimited Websites Great eBusiness Host
$6.95 per month - Professional Hosting
Host six domains! Telephone and Ticket Support Unparalleled Options/Features
$5.95 per month - Pro Logic
Windows Server Hosting VPS Web Hosting 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
$7.95 per month - Baby Plan
No contract required Month-to-Month Web Hosting One-Click Application Installation
$5.95 per month - Professional
Unlimited Web Hosting Cpanel XP EVOLUTION Support Amazing Support Staff
$3.88 per month
Ecommerce-Ready Servers with Load Balancing Top Tier Support
$1.99 per month - Launch
Up to 6 Months FREE Free Domain with Hosting 24/7 Technical Support
Note: Price is base on prepaid 1-year plan of Unix hosting

Our Top Picks

1. InMotion
#1 Business Host - $6.95
2. JustHost
Best Budget Hosting - $3.95
3. IXWebHosting
Unlimited Space - 96% - $3.95
4. iPowerweb
Unlimited Space - 96% - $5.95
5. BlueHost
Unlimited Space - 93% - $6.95
6. StartLogic
Unlimited Space - 92% - $5.95
7. Hostgator
Unlimited Space - 91% - $7.95
8. Hostmonster
Unlimited Space - 91% - $5.95
9. Powweb
Unlimited Space - 89% - $3.88
10. WebHostingPad
6 Months Free - 85% - $1.99

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