To all the people who are still stuck with their old phone lines and are running the typical cable internet, it’s time to enlighten you with the world of fast surfing; a world which has the 21st Century technologies related to internet surfing. That world has been equipped with DSL – Digital Subscriber line. This facility is one of the gifts given to common man, and as the number of ISPs – Internet Service Providers- has dramatically increased, the services are now available worldwide.

DSL offers high speed internet service that will rid you off your slow camel speed downloading and surfing. To understand how you will get really fast speed, you should understand the principle of how all the system works. The thing with your old service (simple internet provider) is that the internet access from one basic connection is given to several users. For this reason, the speed is distributed between all the users online. Now the difference in a DSL server is that your DSL provider allots certain speed and bandwidth to a certain user according to his package. The DSL service providers ensure that the user gets the bandwidth that he has paid for. Hence you get high speed internet access.

However, the main issue of concern is how people have been scammed on the name of high speed internet access. Broadband internet providers have been in the business before the DSL came into play and they are charging on the new rates. The bandwidth is not provided as the packages promises. And to make their job easy, many of the people don’t know the right procedure to check whether they have the thing they have paid for. To further worsen the situation, the market has been flooded with so many packages that the user doesn’t know what is better for him. If he is not getting proper speed, the DSL service provider will suggest that you should upgrade your package to one that offers more download and upload. To put the situation into simple words, if you are having a package that offers you 512 KB of download, then you should get up to 60KB/s download or more easily if your phone line is in perfect condition. Similarly, if you are on 1MB download speed, your download speed is double.

So the basic thing is to have knowledge. Never get jumbled in the packages that are offered by the high speed internet providers. Always jot down the points that are important to you. You can find sites that have proper comparison charts and can effectively tell you the details. The end suggestion is to be careful and cautious, for if you are aware of the facts, you can truly enjoy DSL as a high speed internet service.

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