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Does the grocery store offer anything free? Maybe buy one get one free, that's called marketing 101. What about car lots, do they offer free cars? Maybe if you enter into a sweepstakes. What do you think they do with all of those sweepstakes entries? Your address, telephone number, name, age, height and annual income will be sold to the highest bidder. The same thing goes for free web hosting. It's not really free.

First of all, what they do offer as "Free Web hosting" is generally such a miniscule amount of diskspace that you will be lucky of you get a couple static pages posted with your logo. Want email? That's extra. Want customer support, that's extra. Secondly, these free web hosting sites pretty much own your site. They have the right to post ads on your site, when and where they want. These ads could be anything from adult web sites to a flashing banner that say Winner, Winner, Winner.

You have to remember- Nothing is free. Free video hosting services may let you upload your images to their site, but their logo will super imposed on all of your videos or the video player. If you start loading too many videos, you can be sure they will charge you extra or cancel your account. Same thing goes for free image hosting. Some web hosting companies will offer a certain amount of space for free. Maybe they offer it free for a limited time only. You can bet they will start charging you, when you need it most! Free hosting is really a marketing tactic to build a quick base of customers. Once they have a captive subscriber base, they can either increase their ad rates or start charging you.

Look at it this way, would you start a business offering free web site hosting? Maybe if you were feeling a little charitable. I can understand creating free websites for under privileged students or disabled veterans, that's charity. Free Website hosting is a gimmick, just like free breakfast at motel is a piece of white toast and a Styrofoam cup for your self serve coffee.

When you're ready to make a commitment to legitimate web hosting and have come to terms with the fact that free web hosting may not be what it seems, then check out Sharphosts.com and sign up to receive a high quality hosting package for as little as $5 per month.

Featured Web Hosting Services

$6.95 per month - #1 Business Host
Free Setup Plus Domain 99.9% Up Time Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth
$3.95 per month - Top Budget Host
Anytime Moneyback Guarantee Domain For Life Unlimited Hosting Space
$3.95 per month - Expert Plan
Unlimited Diskspace Microsoft Windows Hosting Plans for all experience levels
$5.95 per month - Ready Site
Free Domain Name with Hosting Host Unlimited Websites Great eBusiness Host
$6.95 per month - Professional Hosting
Host six domains! Telephone and Ticket Support Unparalleled Options/Features
$5.95 per month - Pro Logic
Windows Server Hosting VPS Web Hosting 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
$7.95 per month - Baby Plan
No contract required Month-to-Month Web Hosting One-Click Application Installation
$5.95 per month - Professional
Unlimited Web Hosting Cpanel XP EVOLUTION Support Amazing Support Staff
$3.88 per month
Ecommerce-Ready Servers with Load Balancing Top Tier Support
$1.99 per month - Launch
Up to 6 Months FREE Free Domain with Hosting 24/7 Technical Support
Note: Price is base on prepaid 1-year plan of Unix hosting

Our Top Picks

1. InMotion
#1 Business Host - $6.95
2. JustHost
Best Budget Hosting - $3.95
3. IXWebHosting
Unlimited Space - 96% - $3.95
4. iPowerweb
Unlimited Space - 96% - $5.95
5. BlueHost
Unlimited Space - 93% - $6.95
6. StartLogic
Unlimited Space - 92% - $5.95
7. Hostgator
Unlimited Space - 91% - $7.95
8. Hostmonster
Unlimited Space - 91% - $5.95
9. Powweb
Unlimited Space - 89% - $3.88
10. WebHostingPad
6 Months Free - 85% - $1.99

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