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Small business web site hosting

As a small business owner, many times the owner is doing everything from running errands and creating press releases to marketing and finance. With the internet advancing everyday, small business owners now need to educate themselves on the dynamics of hosting a web site online. It may seem overwhelming at first. All of the computer programs like MySQL, Perl, CGI, ASP, Linix, POP3, PHP and more. What does it all mean? Is it actually necessary to know about all of these programs?

It is a good idea to understand the basic functions of programs that a small business web site hosting service is offering. You may never need them, but just knowing they are part of your web site infrastructure is important. Do you buy a car without looking under the hood? Half the time you can tell the difference between one motor and the next, especially with all of the new computer enhancements that cars have nowadays. The same goes for small business website hosting companies. They are constantly adding new software to improve the look and feel of your web site. Programs can make it easier for you to design your web site and easier for your customer to create a transaction online. Security, reliability and performance are the end results of all of these programs.

Just like buying a car, most people go with a name brand. A car that comes highly recommended or has won automobile of the year. Would you buy a car from a stranger on the side of the highway, selling a brand you have never heard of? I didn't think so. That’s why Sharphosts.com is your small business web site hosting solution. They offer the leading hosting companies in a one stop shop environment. You can compare packages, review pricing and analyze the expert ratings. Sharphosts.com explains the different programs that can impact your web site. There are informative articles to educate you on what you need and what you don't need.

Small business web site hosting doesn't have to be expensive. There is always someone that will tell you about a fully customizable solution that you can spend thousands of dollars on, but Sharphosts tells you the facts. For as little as $5 per month you can have all of the tools you need to start a web site: Design tools, marketing tools, administrative tools and customer support. Sharphosts is your small business web site hosting solution.

Featured Web Hosting Services

$6.95 per month - #1 Business Host
Free Setup Plus Domain 99.9% Up Time Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth
$3.95 per month - Top Budget Host
Anytime Moneyback Guarantee Domain For Life Unlimited Hosting Space
$3.95 per month - Expert Plan
Unlimited Diskspace Microsoft Windows Hosting Plans for all experience levels
$5.95 per month - Ready Site
Free Domain Name with Hosting Host Unlimited Websites Great eBusiness Host
$6.95 per month - Professional Hosting
Host six domains! Telephone and Ticket Support Unparalleled Options/Features
$5.95 per month - Pro Logic
Windows Server Hosting VPS Web Hosting 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
$7.95 per month - Baby Plan
No contract required Month-to-Month Web Hosting One-Click Application Installation
$5.95 per month - Professional
Unlimited Web Hosting Cpanel XP EVOLUTION Support Amazing Support Staff
$3.88 per month
Ecommerce-Ready Servers with Load Balancing Top Tier Support
$1.99 per month - Launch
Up to 6 Months FREE Free Domain with Hosting 24/7 Technical Support
Note: Price is base on prepaid 1-year plan of Unix hosting

Our Top Picks

1. InMotion
#1 Business Host - $6.95
2. JustHost
Best Budget Hosting - $3.95
3. IXWebHosting
Unlimited Space - 96% - $3.95
4. iPowerweb
Unlimited Space - 96% - $5.95
5. BlueHost
Unlimited Space - 93% - $6.95
6. StartLogic
Unlimited Space - 92% - $5.95
7. Hostgator
Unlimited Space - 91% - $7.95
8. Hostmonster
Unlimited Space - 91% - $5.95
9. Powweb
Unlimited Space - 89% - $3.88
10. WebHostingPad
6 Months Free - 85% - $1.99

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